Turisme CV intensifies promotion of the region during last quarter of 2022

It is planned that Turisme CV will participate in 45 promotional performances for 12 markets.

Wednesday 24th August 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: GVA Turisme

Turisme CV will intensify the face-to-face tourism promotion of the Comunidad Valenciana during the last quarter of the year with participation in fairs, workshops, destination presentations and familiarization trips, among other actions.

The year 2022 has meant the return of the events and performances of face-to-face tourism promotion to all effects after two years of continuous cancellations and restricted editions of many events. Thus, although the first two months of the year were marked by restrictions and cancellations of events, from the month of March the face-to-face promotional activity has returned strongly.

Proof of this is that, in the first six months of the year, Turisme Comunitat Valenciana has participated in more than 50 promotional activities inr a total of 15 markets, mostly European.

Among them were the national trade fairs (FITUR in Madrid, B-Travel in Barcelona, ​​ARATUR in Zaragoza, and the participation for the first time in TURGALICIA in Santiago, among others) and international ones (UTAZAZ in Budapest, Salon de Vacances in Brussels and IMEX in Frankfurt); workshops for companies in the Basque Country, Galicia and Lisbon; performances specialized in sports, cultural or gastronomic tourism or the recent presence in the Pride of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and, for the first time in Alicante.

For the last quarter of 2022, it is planned that face-to-face promotional activity will intensify and that Turisme Comunitat Valenciana will participate, organize or collaborate in the search for 45 promotional performances in 12 markets.

Thus, in the coming autumn, Turisme CV will be attending the major tourist fairs of France (IFTM Top Resa), United Kingdom (WTM), in the largest competition in Europe dedicated to MICE tourism (IBTM World in Barcelona) and golf (IGTM in Rome), the celebration of a new edition of the Tourism Exhibition in the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in October and in the traditional Fira de Tots Sants in Cocentaina, in addition to the participation in various gastronomic events, such as the gastronomic salons of Valencia and Alicante or the DNA of Denia, among others.

The performances are directed mainly to the national market and to the European markets, with the expectation that probably next year other markets will open, such as the Asian one, which for the moment remains closed or with strong restrictions on potential tourists to Spain.

Axes of Action

The face-to-face promotion of the region’s tourist offer is structured around three main axes of action, whose objective is to cover the different products, segments and markets emitting or with room for growth in the Comunidad Valenciana, since socio-sanitary restrictions have been eliminated and the connectivity prior to the Covid-19 pandemic has been recovered to a large extent.

The first axis is the participation in fairs and events of a professional and business nature, in which Turisme CV brings together in its space numerous companies and tourist entities from the region under the Comunidad Valenciana/Region of Valencia brand

This is the case of the World Travel Market in London, where more than 40 companies and entities from the sector will be present this year, IBTM World with more than 35 companies and entities in the MICE sector will be represented, and the Tourism Show itself, in which more than 130 companies, entities and associations from the three provinces are expected to participate.

The second axis is participation in fairs and events specialized in products in which the Comunidad Valenciana has a wide and varied offer, such as cycling (Italian Bike Festival in Rimini and Salón Dos Ruedas in Valencia), golf (tournaments in Scandinavia or Italy), MICE Tourism (IBTM and the M&I meeting in Benidorm), and the gastroenological product, which involves the presence of Turisme CV and its gastronomic brand L’Exquisit Mediterrani in gastronomic events such as Madrid Fusion and the Michelin Gala and others.

And the third main axis of action is the organization of trips for the media (press, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, etc.) and specialized tourist operators, to introduce various products and destinations in the Comunidad Valenciana, especially in the fields of active tourism, sporting, nautical, cultural, urban or gastronomic.

This format, which allows prescribers from different countries to know personally the destination and the offer, has also been able to be taken up with force during this exercise in which 15 of these actions have already been carried out until the month of June, with operators and media from 10 countries, and it is expected to carry out about fifteen more before the end of the year.