Training workshop in Xàbia: Mujeres Extraordinarias

Monday 1st February 2021 | MIKE SMITH

Creama Xàbia Technological ADL has organised a training event aimed exclusively at women with ideas, projects or who are already entrepreneurs. The “Mujeres EXTRAORDINARIAS” workshops are here, in collaboration with the Fundación Cibervoluntarios, two days in which knowledge in digital marketing, design thinking, digital branding, internal management technology tools and innovation can be obtained for free. Classes will be on the afternoons of Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd February, from 7.00pm and, to participate, those interested must register at the following external link:

This activity is part of the continuous initiative known as “Beachworking“, a project aimed at training in New Technologies. This week you can also learn through motivational interviews about the experiences of Lucía Fontes, a “xabiera” who works at Google and who is currently developing her work from the Cap de la Nao Lighthouse. In “Café con el ADL Tecnológico” she woññ explain how she sees the new trends that are opening in the new technologies sector and how we can take advantage of this pandemic to train ourselves and have specific skills for the new jobs that are going to come from now.

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Press Release: Ajuntament de Xàbia