Town hall responds to resignation of the management board of CD Jávea

Pre-season training has been suspended until the club’s financial situation has been clarified.

Wednesday 27th July 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Ajuntament de Xàbia

In response to a statement issued on the official website CD Jávea, in which it was announced that the entire management board resigned, citing the lack of financial support, the local council has published the following statement:

The management board at CD Jávea has resigned and has published a statement alerting to the current situation of the football club. The first team was scheduled to start preseason training this Wednesday but this has been postponed until the club’s situation has been clarified. Xàbia town hall regrets the situation that a historic club such as CD Jávea is going through and trusts that the management board will redirect the situation to guarantee its continuity.

The town hall has collaborated closely with the football club since its inception, giving them exclusive facilities that are owned by the municipality and that have been modernized [by the local council] and for more than 20 years it has maintained a specific economic agreement to promote football at the academy level.

This agreement, which currently amounts to 117,300 euros, is intended – as in other sports disciplines – to subsidize the development and promotion of physical activity among children. Specifically, it subsidizes the projects and activities of the categories that range from cherubim to youth (5 years to 18 years). It is an agreement focused on grassroots sport and is not related to the management of the first team.

As a result of the uncertainty about the future of this football academy that has generated the intention to resign from the management board, the Department of Sports wants to make it clear that they will continue to ensure that the boys and girls of Xàbia can practice this sport as they have done until now, responding to the existing demand. To this end, the pertinent inquiries and steps are being taken to, if necessary, directly take on responsibility for this academy, which is based in the municipal football ground.

Likewise, the town hall wants to clarify that the agreement with the club is included in the municipal budget and the 117,300 euros is available to be transferred to the club if the required documentation is presented correctly.

The local administration clarifies that it has 31 active collaboration agreements with different groups and clubs in the town. These agreements, which are renewed annually, collect a series of rights and obligations and clarify the expenses that may be “eligible”. Upon signing, the town hall advances 75% of the total amount and, once the activities that are eligible for subsidy have been completed, the clubs have three months to present the invoices and proof of payment.

This documentation is validated by the corresponding department (in this case Sports) and then the General Intervention, guarantor that public money is put to good use, checks that all the documents are correct and the 25% pending is paid.

In the case of CD Jávea, the agreement for the 2020-2021 season was signed on December 23 and the club presented the documentation in February of this year. However, several deficiencies have been detected to be corrected. In fact, new documentation provided by the club in this regard is currently being verified.

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