Tourism launches surveys to determine “the needs and concerns” of the sector in Xàbia

A strategic tourism plan aims to shift the town towards becoming a sustainable destination as well as open up opportunities for funding.

Friday 23rd December 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: XAD Carlos López

Auren Consultores, the company contracted by the Department of Tourism in Xàbia to draft the Strategic Operational Plan for Tourism Marketing, has started working on the project by launching a series of online questionnaires to discover the needs and concerns of the sector in the municipality.

The survey will be the basis of the strategic tourism plan to shift Xàbia towards becoming a sustainable and intelligent tourism destination as well as open up the opportunity to apply for several funding packages promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana through the Valencian Tourism Agency in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Tourism. Such grants have already been paid out to other municipalities in the Marina Alta: Poble Nou del Benitatxell has benefited from 2.4 million euros whilst more than 3 million euros has been granted to Dénia, the second time the regional capital has received aid for this purpose after benefiting from 3 million euros last year to develop itself as a Smart Tourist Destination.

The form, to which Xàbia AL DÍA has had access, consists of 11 questions, among which are:

What type of tourism do you think identifies Xàbia to a greater extent?

There are several options: sun and beach tourism; gastronomic tourism; cultural and heritage tourism; blue tourism (water sports, scuba diving or fishing gear); health and wellness tourism; family tourism; shopping tourism; sports tourism; green tourism (hiking); language tourism and teleworking tourism.

Which of these should be enhanced?

And does the respondent believe that the tourism sector of Xàbia “offers job and entrepreneurship opportunities for the local population and especially for women and young people”. The answer is Yes or No and there is an opportunity to explain the answer.

Where do you think it is most necessary to concentrate future actions in order to promote Xàbia as a tourist destination at the level of offer and promotion?

The respondents are asked to check three of the following options: Improvement of tourist signage; design of specific tourist experiences; development and promotion of dissemination and promotion media at the destination (apps, social networks); promotion of quality certifications; provision of equipment and infrastructures with interpretation and dissemination tools (digital skills…); professional training plans; promote recognition measures for the city of Xàbia that extol and distinguish its cultural, heritage and ethnographic values; develop public-private multisectoral measures and agreements; promote the working groups between the different work areas of the town hall directly and indirectly related to the tourism sector (environment, services, commerce, urban planning, culture).

Assessment of qualities to enhance

And the last question asks respondents to rank from 1 to 3 the qualities that should be promoted in Xàbia to “position it as a competitive and sustainable destination. Qualities such as: quality of life; cleanliness of the town; recycling; safety; accessibility and mobility; care of beaches and natural environment; the solidarity and tolerance of the municipality and its local population; the preservation of its cultural and ethnographic values; and the public services of the municipality.