The Valencian coast expects almost 80% occupancy for the May holiday weekend

Inland hotels in the Valencian region are forecasted around 70% occupancy.

Hotels on the coast of the Comunidad Valencia are forecasting around 80% occupancy during this long May weekend, according to the results of a survey carried out by TURISME COMUNITAT VALENCIANA with a representative sample of hotel in the region for the nights of May 1,2,3 and 4.

The regional tourism minister, Nuria Montes, said that the forecast is “provisional” and occupancy is actually expected to increase due to the good weather expected over the weekend which could stimulate last minute reservations. She added that the combination of May 1st, a national bank holiday, and Thursday 2nd May, a bank holiday in several regions of Spain including Madrid, the main source of tourism for the Valencian region, is likely to encourage a significant arrival of visitors.

According to the survey, hotels along the coast expect around 78% average occupancy with the city of Valencia expecting around 86.65% of its available beds to be occupied followed by the resort of Benidorm at 82% occupancy. Broken down into provincial data, the coast of Valencia (excluding the city) is expecting 71.74% occupancy, the coast of Alicante (excluding Benidorm) forecasting 81%, and the coast of Castellón close to 60% of its available beds occupied.

As for the inland areas of the region, the tourism minister said that the survey has determined an occupancy forecast of around 70% for the nights of May 1 to 4 which, broken down into provincial data, shows an expected occupancy rate of 80.2% for inland Valencia, 66% for inland Castellón, and 55.6% for inland Alicante.