Student asks for resident opinion on tourism in Jávea

Dutch student Sam van Baal has created a short survey to gauge resident opinion.

Dutch student Sam van Baal is asking for help as she finishes a sustainable tourism bachelor degree at Wagenignen University in the Netherlands. She is writing his bachelor thesis research based on Jávea, mainly because she used to live in the town which sparked her interest in researching the impact of tourism, and has developed a short survey to gauge the opinions of all residents living here.

Like everyone else, during her time in Jávea, she noticed that the town boasted a high number of foreign residents and became curious as to whether there was a different view on tourism between Spanish residents and the foreigners living in the town. Therefore, she decided to base her bachelor thesis on finding out what the residents think about tourism development in the town and whether there is a difference between native residents and those who have come from other places to live here.

The short survey – which is available here and available in both Spanish and English – contains some agree/disagree statements about residents’ perception of tourism in Jávea and if you are a permanent or long-term resident of Jávea, you’ll be the ideal respondent. Participation is anonymous and no private data is collected.

Some of the statements include whether you agree that tourism has made a positive overall impact on your life, on whether you agree that tourism has made Jávea a more interesting and exciting place to live, and whether you agree that your relationship with foreign or Spanish tourists to the town is good.

Sam would appreciate as many responses as possible and thanks everyone in advance for their participation.