The PP criticizes unfortunate state of the Arenal

Rosa Cardona: “Like any resident, the Partido Popular cannot understand now Arenal is not only impeccable at this time, but that it is cared for and perfectly maintained throughout the whole year.”

Tuesday 5th July 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: PP Xàbia

The Partido Popular de Xàbia has released a statement criticizing the unfortunate state of the Arenal, the holiday zone of the town which, at the start of the main holiday season, is far from presentable to the visitor.

It is July 5th and the municipal services and the maintenance of the Arenal area is in limbo, it is not even minimally presentable. How should the businessmen and workers of the area feel, when they strive to have their business prepared for the summer campaign, they strive to offer a quality service, to offer the best products to their clients, who pay their taxes and once they put one foot outside its premises all the illusion undertaken vanishes.

We are in July, in the middle of the season, the sunbed service is absent, the parasol service is absent, the bathrooms are absent. There is a leak of the water from the treatment plant within the bay of the Arenal beach, the promenade has tiles with cracks and holes due to lack of replacement, the railings of the southern tip of the Arenal are rusty and the question is, could all this have been foreseen and managed with sufficient time? Of course, yes, and it is clear that the municipal government of Chulvi does not have the capacity to have the Arenal area ready and prepared.

But in addition to the lack of services and maintenance, it is another year that the situation of abandonment is repeated in the streets, gardens and parks of Arenal, the brush and weeds suffocate the plants in the gardens, the lack of irrigation of the newly planted means that they are dry, the lack of pruning, the lack of sweeping the sidewalks or the lack of replacement of trees that disappeared more than a year ago. The image is pitiful.

How have we been able to return to the abandonment of the southern tip of the Arenal? How is it possible that after more than a decade of paralyzed files, now they have to order the closure of the premises? Why has no work been done? We have reached such an extreme. Neither employers nor the local council want this situation; how can it be so complicated to understand each other and restore legality?

It saddens to have to repeat ourselves over and over again due to the lack of care and care that it needs, but even with those things do not change in the Arenal. The workers and businessmen who have made every effort to be prepared do not deserve it, nor do the residents of Xàbia and the tourists who visit us already have it clear for their next vacation.

Not even one more “we are working on it” is of use to us. Like any resident, the Partido Popular cannot understand that at this time everything is not impeccable, but also, what cannot be understood is that the Arenal is not cared for and perfectly maintained throughout the year. And all of this is the responsibility of the municipal government of José Chulvi, that must be its management, its government, its daily work, there are no unforeseen tasks. What else has to happen to Arenal?

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