The Descent of the Nazarene will be on the evening of Sunday 12th March

The image will remain in the heart of the historic centre until the Ascent on Wednesday 3rd May.

Tuesday 7th March 2023
Mike Smith

The mayor, José Chulvi, and the councilor for Fiestas, Kika Mata, met with the Brotherhood of the Nazarene to finalize the preparations for the traditional procession of the Descent of the town’s treasured image of Jesús Nazareno , which will take place on the evening of Sunday 12th March.

At 6.30pm, the delegation of religious and municipal officials will leave from the church of San Bartolomé in the heart of the historic centre to walk up to the iconic blie-domed Calvario chapel. At 7.00pm, the transfer of the revered image to the town is scheduled to begin, accompanied by the band from the Centro Artístico Musical de Xàbia.

At noon the following day, Monday 13th March, there will also be a sung Eucharist to welcome the Nazarene and the novena will open until Tuesday the 21st.

At the meeting, the president of the Brotherhood, Vicente Tur, delivered the statutes of the entity that formally incorporates women into the group as a single entity.