Second vaccination dose administered in Xàbia resident’s home

The residents and workers of the Asilo Hermanos Cholbi have received the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19

Wednesday 20th January 2021 | ALVARO MONFORT (Xàbia AL DIA)

The residents and staff of the Asilo Residencia Hermanos Cholbi have received the second dose of Pzifer’s vaccine against COVID-19. Once again, the faces of the drive to receive the first of these second injections were 90-year-old Ángela Bas and the director of the retirement home, Bartolomé Chorro.

A total of 50 residents and 39 workers of the centre count the days to achieve immunity to fight the epidemic. According to pharmaceutical experts, immunity is reached ten days after the administration of the second dose and its level of effectiveness is 95%.

With the first dose was administered 21 days ago, the arrival of the second has caused sincere joy among the people who live and work in the retirement home, since they have managed to remain stable and without incident between one dose and another. The centre has also proven to be an example of control throughout this pandemic, protecting its residents and becoming confined to specific periods to prevent the spread of the virus.

However, full administration of the vaccine does not prevent the full possibility of infection. The health authorities warn that basic measures must continue to be carried out (mask, hand hygiene, social distance, etc.) and that only when group immunity is achieved – more than 70% of the vaccinated Spanish population – can begin to regain normality.

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