The organisers want the regional government to act after eight years of a “deplorable service” in Xàbia.

A group of residents have started an online campaign to collect signatures demanding improvements of Xàbia public bus service, calling the current situation “deplorable” with small capacity mini-buses in a poor state of repair which also fail to meet the demands of people with reduce mobility.

The petition calls on the regional government, which is responsible for issuing the concession for the bus service, to make the necessary improvements, including better operating hours and bigger buses.

The residents said that there is no service during the afternoon between 1.30pm and 4.30pm, which are keys hours for going to and from work, whilst also claiming that the smaller mini-buses have small capacities which prevents many passengers from using the service, citing that holidaymakers staying in the Arenal are unable to visit the historic centre or the port zone because of the lack of available seats.

More than 500 signatures have been collected in the first 24 hours of the petition being opened which the organisers say proves that both local residents and tourists are demanding a decent public transport service.

“Xàbia does not have a good transport service, neither buses nor taxis, which makes it difficult for workers or tourists [to travel between] each urban center due to the great distance between each of them.”

The petition will be given to the local town hall with the request that it be handed over the regional government to “exert more force to make a change for the better after eight years with just the minimum service.”

Click here to sign the petition if you support the fight for a better bus service.