Residents complain of poor condition of plot next to their homes in Calle Salvador Salvà

They are concerned over the poor state of the plot which could be a fire-risk as well as hosting wild animals, such as rats and snakes.

Wednesday 14th July 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

Several residents of Calle Salvador Salvá has expressed their discomfort about the state of a plot next to their homes to XAD, a section of land at the junction between Calle Salvador Salvá and Calle Guitarrista Tárrega.

The plot is surrounded by a rusting and broken fence and one which the residents consider to be a danger, especially since it has become overgrown up to a metre in height, vegetation that is completely dry. In addition, they have highlighted that wild animals have taken root in the space, including rats and some snakes.

The residents explained that they have expressed their concerns to Xàbia Council but have been waiting for a long time for a coexistence bylaw to be applied regarding the maintenance of plots that have not been developed. In fact, the Valencian ombudsman Síndic de Greuges issued a warning to the council itself for not address the complaints of a community of owners regarding the cleaning and maintenance of a number of municipally-owned land.

The residents in these two streets find themselves in no man’s land. The entire development of Calle Salvador Salvá is still pending, particularly the section that leads onto Calle Jorge Luis Borges, and now they must endure the construction of a new residential complex, which will surely give a boost to the neighbourhood.