PP Xàbia criticizes Chulvi’s general plan which paralyzes development of affordable housing in the town

Spokesperson Rosa Cardona claims that the plan ignores the vital issues currently being faced by the town.

Friday 3rd March 2023
Mike Smith

The General Plan for Xàbia, currently being processed by the regional government, will paralyze the development of future sporting facilities in the town as well as the creation of subsidized housing that would provide first-residence opportunities for residents, especially young people who are forced to look for affordable housing outside of the municipality.

This is the opinion of the spokesperson and mayoral candidate of the Partido Popular in Xàbia, Rosa Cardona, who explained in the last plenary session that the new General Plan establishes the development of the Freginal area of Xàbia – the zone located between Avenida de Palmela and Cami de la Safranera – between 11 and 15 years after the final approval of the plan, resulting in years of paralysis and postponing something as necessary as access to a first home as well as delaying new sports facilities, such a new athletics track.

She added that the General Plan, which marks out the social and economic growth of Xàbia, condemns young people in the town to continue to look for affordable housing outside of the municipality and ignores the need to create new facilities and services to face the vital issues of the town now rather than over the next two decades.

Cardona said that the Freginal area is the ideal nucleus, not only to continue to develop new sports facilities, but also to build new homes that offer first-residence opportunities to residents whilst continuing to expend services, improve infrastructures and, above all, opening new streets and businesses that promote local commerce in Xàbia to “continue filling [the town] with life, to continue ‘making a town’ and building a future for the next generations of Xàbia, moving towards a compact city mode which all political parties in the municipalitu have supported during this current legislature”.

She added that to the list of projects that have stopped or about to start – a future industrial estate, the auditorium, the Parque Reina Sofia, the CEIP Trenc d’Alba expansion – should be added the Plan General ‘Ni-Ni’ which allows neither the creation of sports facilities nor the construction of subsidized housing, leaving the growth of a town paralyzed for years, “the result of a collapse in management and the disastrous planning of the present and future of Xàbia which mortgages the opportunities and prosperity of the municipality”.

Cardona insisted that “only for these reasons – although there are many more – the Chulvi General Plan needs to be amended from top to bottom before being definitively approved by the Ministry”, adding that the uncertainty surrounding the processing in Valencia – it has been in process since 2011 – means that the Town Planning Council and General Plan Special Monitoring Commission should be convened to address all the questions and concerns surrounding it.

Lastly, Cardona concluded by pointing out that “only for these reasons, although there are many more, the Chulvi General Plan needs to be amended from top to bottom before being definitively approved by the Ministry”. For this reason, and given the obscurantism that surrounds this document that the Mayor has been processing since 2011, and of which we do not know in what stage of processing it is in Valencia, from the PP Xàbia we request that the Consell d’Urbanisme and the Special Commission for Monitoring the General Plan be convened to deal with all this questions.