PP: “Public safety in Xàbia has been compromised by poor management by the local government”

Rosa Cardona “The statement from the police union is not a social alarm, nor is it just another warning. The warnings have already been made, this is the reality of today and the affected ones are the residents. The Partido Popular has been warning about this situation for years”.

Wednesday 11th May 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: press release – Populares Xàbia

In response to the warnings about an increase in crime in the town issued by the Policía Local de Xàbia, which have been supported by the police unions, the opposition party Populares Xàbia has denounced the local government for its poor management of the local police force which has led to this apparent rise in incidents across the municipality.

Party spokesperson Rosa Cardona said that “one of the key pillars to ensure the quality of life of the residents is security“, adding that whilst Xàbia can’t be a perfect town, the authorities should be able to take care of its security and those who are charged with guaranteeing it.

She said that the local police force has been warning for years and now the town is suffering the consequences of poor management. “There are even residents who have been forced to organize themselves to patrol the streets of the urbanisations,” she claimed, adding that “it is an atrocity” that the town has to “endure thefts, drug dealing, graffiti on walls and thugs who have lost respect for people and the residents of the town“.

Cardona said that “we have to deal with what has been sown, criminals given free rein and a local police force that puts all its effort into ensure security in Xàbia but cannot cover the entire municipality“. She added that “resident don’t care about statistics” and that what matters more is the peace of mind of living and working safely in the town.

The Populares Xàbia have been calling for a salary worthy of the police force, she added, as well as the installation of CCTV in the most vulnerable locations of the municipality, something that she claims the local government have said could not be done.

The local government needs to keep its promise to look at the salary situation of the local police force so as to provide the necessary incentive not to transfer to other municipalities which pay better for the same amount of work, she said, adding that “the Chulvi government will be late [in doing so] … and now we already have the consequences“.

Finally, she said that “this statement saddens us for we could see it coming, even though we hoped that in Xàbia these things could not happen”.

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