Populares Xàbia asks for action plan for public buildings

The opposition party claims that Xàbia has many municipal building typical of the traditional architecture which are falling apart.

Monday 21st June 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The Partido Popular of Xàbia has called on the municipal government to carry out correct maintenance tasks on all municipal public spaces and has urged it to put “effort into solving the most repeated demand by residents for spaces such as green areas and the innumerable municipal plots that are a powder keg due to lack of clearing and cleaning”.

In a statement, the Populares claimed that Xàbia has “a list of public building that are municipal in which no action has been carried out to restore them, to maintain them, or to paint their facades for many years, as is the case of the Soler Blasco Municipal Museum whose tosca exterior walls are completely blackened, or the case of Ca Lambert, the municipal market and the Calvario chapel, where peeling walls, damp problems and weeds are damaging the structure of the building and its image.

The last action carried out on municipal buildings was in 2018 when the Populares called on the municipal government to maintain the Central Cinema building, a complaint that was effective since the building was painted the next day. However, nothing is known about when the work on the project to restore the Casa Candelaria, in danger of collapse as well as a health hazard, are to take place.

The statement said that Xàbia has municipal buildings that serve as an example of the town’s traditional architecture but are currently deteriorating and require restoration plans and continue maintenance of their facades, balconies, windows and doors. They say that it is not acceptable that the new urban planning regulations, approved by the socialist government, require residents to follow guidelines on how their own homes should look, such as windows made of wood and blinds that are roller-type as well as paint their facades, a task which needs numerous authorizations, yet the municipal government doesn’t set an example with its own buildings.

It is necessary to enforce the technical regulations of buildings, if those that are municipal property are in perfect condition, and the best way of tidying up private homes in the historic centre is for the council itself to promote a plan for the restoration, maintenance and painting of facades, which residents can opt for in order to encourage the repair and painting of private homes. With this, it can increase and promote business activity in the construction, painting and renovations of the building sector.

In the staement, the Populares spokeswomen Rosa Cardona has proposed that the municipal government revitalize and value the historic centre of Xàbia, especially as we move into the tourist season and Xàbia is not prepared to show off its best image, with the exception of the church of San Bartolomé which has been restored by the Parish. Thus, the government of José Chulvi is asked to promote the idea that houses in the municipality present a neat and clean appearance and that the municipal heritage is conserved, that municipal building are maintained, that tasks are carried out to convey the unique charm of the town.