The new standards bearers and the captains for 2024 formally take on their responsibilities for the next 12 months.

At the weekend, the troops of the Moors & Christians in Xàbia celebrated MIG ANY – “half year” – which is the date when the preparations begin for the staging of the most colourful fiesta in July with the introduction of the new standard bearers for each side and the Captains for the year.

Friday 16th February

On the evening of Friday 16th, the troops gathered for a short parade through the streets of Duanes de la Mar, creating a guard of honour for the Filà Captain FILÀ BAHARIS, after which they enjoyed snacks and drinks accompanied by more music.

Saturday 17th February

On the morning of Saturday 17th, the troops enjoyed a communal brunch together before making another parade through the streets with another guard of honour for the Filà Captain.

In the afternoon, they moved to SALONES CARRASCO where they enjoyed a gala lunch together before the formal presentation of the two new standards bearers for 2024, Lucia Serrano (Filá Baharis · Moors) and Vanessa Garrido (Filá Faciners · Christian), as well as the Captains Txema Bengoa and Amaia Arraus (Filà Baharis). Afterwards, the troops enjoyed music to dance to into the evening before heading off to start making their own preparations for the summer.

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