Nasio Cardona and Sophie Mullins, the best in the Gegant de Pedra de Ondara 14k

Nasio Cardona leads Trail La Marina 2022 circuit after eight rounds.

Tuesday 22nd February 2022 – Mike Smith
Translated from an original article by Carlos López on Xàbia AL DÍA

Nasio Cardona and Sophie Mullins, runners from Club Atletismo Llebeig de Xàbia, were the best in the 14 kilometre category of the XII Gegant de Pedra de Ondara mountain race, which took place last weekend.

A total of 151 runners participated in the 14k category and another 158 in the 21k discipline, both of which ran through the Sierra de Segària, which is located on the other side of the motorway between Ondara and El Verger.

Cardona completed the course in a time of 1:16:26, while Mullins stopped the clock at 1:40:02.

The Gegant de Pedra is the eighth round of the trail circuit in the Marina Alta, a circuit led by Nasio Cardona with 3 points and 3 races, ahead Adrián Ivars who is the second.

Results – Trail 14K

Men – Absoluto
(1) 1:16:26 – Ignacio Cardona Torres (CA Llebeig Xàbia)
(2) 1:23:11 – Antonio Luis Gallego Caballero (CA Benidorm)
(3) 1:23:12 – Raul Solero Barbera (CA L’Alcudia)

(27) 1:48:00 – Javier Segarra Escortell (CA Llebeig Xàbia)
(28) 1:48:00 – Jaime Escortell Bou (CA Llebeig Xàbia)

Women – Absoluto
(1) 1:40:02 – Sophie Mullins (CA Llebeig Xàbia)
(2) 1:47:47 – Inés Ibáñez Sala (Kamikazes Gang)
(3) 1:49:00 – Mª Carmen García Linares (CS Corredores Callosa)

(39) 2:26:00 – Miriam Moritz (CA Llebeig)

Meanwhile, in the 21K, Juanjo Vallés was third in veterans, with a time of 2:18:09, and behind him, Francisco Javier Fernández finished fourth in veterans, twenty seconds slower than Vallés, and Isaac Díaz fifth with a time of 2:19:40.

Results – CTM 21K

Men – Veterano
(1) 2:16:16 – Miguel Ángel García Palacios (Club Novelder de Muntanyar)
(2) 2:17:43 – Carlos Vicente González (CD Montaña y Escalda Los Machaca Piedras)
(3) 2:18:09 – Juan José Vallés Sendín (CA Llebeig Xàbia)

(4) 2:18:29 – Fco Javier Fernandez Serrat (CA Llebeig Xàbia)
(5) 2:19:40 – Isaac Diaz Chacon (CA Llebeig Xàbia)
(11) 2:35:57 – Toni Marques Salines (CA Llebeig Xàbia)
(32) 3:03:03 – Gaspar Buigues Fuentes (CA Llebeig Xàbia)
(34) 3:05:23 – Mark Langley (CA Llebeig Xàbia)

Women – Veterana
(6) 3:02:47 – Marisol Catalá Prats (CA Llebeig Xàbia)
(9) 3:37:57 – Vicky Bolufer Fuentes (CA Llebeig Xàbia)

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