More than 95 tons of used textile recycled in tens months in Xàbia

The amount of clothing deposited in the collection bins in the first ten months of this year has exceeded the amount for the whole of 2020.

Monday 8th November 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The selective collection of used textiles in Xàbia continues to improve every year and, according the date provided by the NGO ‘Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo’, some 95,469kg of used clothing and other textiles were deposited by the town’s residents between January and October in the special purple containers located across the municipality, a figure that already exceeds the figure for the whole of 2020 (90,320kg).

A statement from the NGO explained that the increase of 5.7% so far this year will rise even more by the end of 2021 and they attribute the rise in deposited items to greater awareness by residents.

In Xàbia, there are a total of 42 purple containers in which to deposit clothing, footwear, accessories and home textiles that are no longer used in order for their useful life to be extended thanks to professional and transparent management.

The more than 95 tons recovered by the organization is equivalent to 386,000 garments which will provide a double benefit through good and proper management. Firstly, it will help the environment by reducing the generation of waste which ends up in a landfill and reducing CO2 emissions by some 302 tons.

Secondly, it will create more green jobs since Humana generates indefinite employment for every 30,000kg of used textiles that it collects and allocates a part of the resources to social projects.

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