More than 480 fighters meet this weekend in regional Kickboxing and Muay Thai championships in Xàbia

For the first time, the competition will have participants in the adapted sport category.

Thursday 2nd March 2023
Mike Smith

The Valencian Federation of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and associated disciplines presented details of the regional championships that will be held this weekend in Xàbia, a competition that the president of the Federation, Eduardo Martín, said has become so popular that more than 480 people have registered to participate, fighting in all categories from children to master.

Seventeen of those fighters will be from Xàbia, members of the Toro Prats Muay Thai and Kickboxing Club, and its president and coach, Paco Prats, a former fighter, explained that “I am looking forward to [the championships] and as coach I am very excited to present my students and have them enjoy this experience”. He also highlighted the high standard of this federated tournament from which a Valencian-select team will head to the Spanish Championships as well as the great role of Josemi Cholbi in promoting the sport of Muay Thai in Xàbia.

One of the new features of these regional championships, the biggest event of the year organised by the Valencian Federation, is that it will be first time that sportswomen in the adapted category will be participating, a milestone that the president that the president wanted to highlight.

He also thanked Xàbia Council for providing all the necessary facilities for the competition, which will be taking place on Saturday 4th March between 10.00am and 7.00pm and during the morning on Sunday 5th March. There will be five competition areas: a ring and four tatamis, traditional Japanese-style mats.

The councillor responsible for Sports in Xàbia, Alberto Tur, said that it was a pleasure that the federation chose Xàbia as their base for the competition and it is an opportunity for residents to learn more about the sport and enjoy the competition and the sporting atmosphere that Xàbia enjoys every weekend. He also encouraged other clubs to come to the Palau d’Esports Municipal Miguel Buigues in Avenida del Furs to share the excitement of this discipline.

The competition can also be followed through streaming provided by the social networks of the federations and the local club.