Moors and Christians fiesta recycled almost 2.5 tonnes of glass last year

On average, each partygoer recycled over 8kg of glass each during last July’s celebrations.

Friday 3rd February 2023
Mike Smith

Filà Schaitans de Xàbia was the winner of the raffle for the personalized drinks dispenser with the image of the environmental awareness campaign “La Reconquista del Vidrio” which highlights the importance of glass recycling at parties.

Through this initiative, it was possible to recover 2,450 kg of glass containers during the Moors and Christians festivities, which meant that -on average- each partygoer recycled 8.17 kilos, according to data provided by Ecovidrio.

The councilor responsible for Services, Kika Mata, presented a representative of the filà, Fernando Puig, with this award that symbolizes the effort made to achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly fiestas.