Marina Salud management confirms to employees that new sole shareholder will be Ribera Salud

Subject to authorisation, DKV Seguros will sell its 65% stake to Ribera Salud who will then become sole shareholder.

Thursday 26th August 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

The manager of the Marina Salud, Luis Carretero, has delivered an email to employees of the health department to inform them that Ribera Salud has taken control of the company, confirming that the health insurance company DKV Seguros has agreed to sell its 65% stake in Marina Salud which, subject to authorisation by the authorities, would mean that Ribera Salud would become sole shareholder of the regional health concession.

The email reads as follows:

Dear colleague,

I write to inform you that DKV has reached an agreement with its partner Ribera Salud to sell its stake in Marina Salud. The operation is subject to regulatory approval. As a result, the Ribera Group (as Ribera Salud is now called) will acquire all available shares and will continue to manage the Marina Alta department when the agreement is authorised.

DKV considers that the quality of care and stability in the management of the health department are guaranteed as a result since the group has a lot of experience in the model and has known it in depth since its inception. For its part, the company decided to focus on the future strategy of the insurance sector, betting on sustainability, innovation and digital health.

A cordial greeting,

Luis M Carretero Alcantara
Managing Director

Petition against continued privatization

In the midst of this news, a resident of Dénia has opened a petition on the platform to request that the regional government suspends this corporate operation of concentration of power.

Carmen Sanchis says that: “Health is not a business, the users of the department of Denia cannot allow them to continue playing with health. No to the sale of Marina Salud shares, no more companies profiting from health. We want our department to be public again as promised by Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana. HEALTH IS NOT A BUSINESS. Comply with law 8/2018 and return the department to public management”.