María Isabel Ferrer and Jordi Ripoll, winners of the Volta a Peu de Calp

Despite the bad weather, almost 720 runners took part in the second race of the 2022 Circuit.

María Isabel Ferrer entering the finish line. Photo: Kike Aracil (Facebook - Circuit a Peu de la Marina Alta)

Tuesday 8th March 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: Original Article – Xàbia AL DÍA

María Isabel Ferrer and Jordi Ripoll were the fastest in the Volta a Peu de Calp, the second test of the regional road race circuit that was marked by bad weather. Even so, 717 brave runners turned out to run the route through the streets of Calp.

Jordi Ripoll (Dénia Corre) was the fastest, with a time of 29:27. In second place came Álvaro Sabater (Club Atletisme Publidom) in 30:39 and third was Toni Soler (Club Atletisme Llebeig de Xàbia) who completed the route in 30:45.

In women, the best was the true queen of the circuit, María Isabel Ferrer (Club Atletisme Llebeig de Xàbia), who covered the ten kilometres in 34:38. Behind her came Anna Berglind (Dénia Corre) with a time of 37:22 whilst Jennifer Wood (Club Atletisme Publidom) was third with a time of 37:44.

As for the athletes from Club Atletisme Llebeig de Xàbia who participated in this heat, after Toni Soler, Nasio Cardona finished with a time of 32:01; later the runner María Isabel Ferrer, and behind her Joan Fullana who stopped the stopwatch at 37:14.

Club Atletisme Llebeig de Xàbia

0:30:45 – Antonio Soler Llido
0:32:01 – Ignacio Cardona Torres
0:34:38 – María Isabel Ferrer
0:37:14 – Joan Fullana
0:38:01 – José Antonio Cecilia Lorite
0:41:38 – Mark Langley
0:41:46 – Jaume Coata Albi
0:41:46 – Javi Segarra Escortell
0:41:47 – Jaime Escortell Bou
0:42:20 – Jaun Bautista Tachó Ferrer
0:44:24 – Lisa Childs
0:45:45 – Cristina Monfort Sart
0:45:53 – Jaume Morell Moll
0:45:53 – Ana Gonzalez Duran
0:47:12 – José Font Serrat
0:48:05 – Yunqaio Thompson
0:49:01 – Enrique Angel Miralles Vela
0:49:51 – Blai Ferrer Bisquert
0:50:00 – Miguel Vallés Sendín
0:51:18 – José María Bisquert Cardona
0:51:37 – Toni Bas Moragues
0:54:48 – Jane Yang
0:58:52 – Bea Sellés Sánchez

Club Beer Runners Xàbia

0:44.26 – Pedro J. Martín Sánchez
0:45:33 – Manuel Alvarez López
0:45:33 – Pedro José Andrés Martín
0:49:31 – Sandro Staub
0:52:15 – Sina Staub
0:55:45 – Victor Vallés Cholbi
0:58:20 – Ricardo Juan Molino

The best three of the Club Multiesport Benitatxell were: Nicolás Rosenbaum, seventh overall with a time of 32:00; Mauro Tardón (11) with a time of 32:44 and Damián Bevilacqua who stopped the stopwatch at 34:25.

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