IROX calls out “unacceptable attack” on a protected path along the coast of Xàbia

Illegal dumping of rubble and garden refuse has caused the deterioration of an old path leading the traditional fishing spots.

Thursday 4th March 2021 | ALVARO MONTFORT (Xàbia AL DÍA)

Talking about the undeniable cultural and historical heritage that Les Pesqueres de Xàbia and El Poble Nou de Benitatxell represent should be unnecessary because its unquestionable value should have already penetrated the public consciousness. Nothing is further from the truth. It seems that we must continue to learn in this regard because, as the ‘Institute for Oceanographic Research of Xàbia (IROX)’ has once again demonstrated, the conscious deterioration of some of this heritage is a reflection that there is still a long way to go.

Something is happening with the rubble in the municipality. It is seen that getting rid of it properly is a very complicated process and there are those who decide to discard it, either on plots of public or private ownership (with the consequent damage to their owners) or, in this the case, on the paths that were once built by the residents of La Marina and that lead to the remote Pesqueres fishing spots.

Near La Granadella is the Pesquera d’Encots and this is the fourth complaint that the IROX has filed regarding its condition, which it has described as an “unacceptable attack”. To this day, the path is completely obstructed due to the huge amount of rubble and garden refuse that cover some sections of its winding route and that have increased in recent months.

For the IROX it is still inconceivable that, in a natural space declared as a Place of Community Importance (that is, protected) and over which three different administrations – Costas, the Government and Xàbia Council – are allowing this type of uncivil attitudes, especially when this type of grievance was already reported four years ago for the first time and this complaint has been repeated over time.

From the IROX they come to consider that “the law favours the offender“. To back up this statement, they are based on the “ineffective action” and the “dense and inapplicable” which is the Valencian legislation on Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Landscape, whose resolution of files is at least six months thick and the staff to carry out the process, much reduced. “It is very easy to make grandiose declarations in favour of our natural environment, but if the administrations are not capable of creating mechanisms so that these good intentions serve something, it is that we are not worth as a society“, claimed IROX.

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