Hotels on the Valencian coast expect to be more than 80% full over Easter

Tourism boss explained that “these are very similar figures to 2019, which supports the path of tourist reactivation in 2022”

Tuesday 12th April 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: press release – Generalitat Valenciana

The regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, has indicated that “hotels on the coast of the Comunidad Valenciana expect occupancy levels of over 80% for the Easter holidays“, which is expected to increase with “last minute reservations” which are increasingly common among today’s travellers.

In addition, he reported that hotels in the interior forecast occupancy levels “up to 75%“, highlighting the interior of Castellón that “is practically full, with expectations above 92%“.

Colomer also made public the results of the survey that Turisme Comunitat Valenciana carried out on a sample of hotels of all categories, both inland and on the coast, to verify the real hotel occupancy from Jueves Santo to the following Monday, specifically for the nights on April 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th, inclusive.

The head of regional tourism explained that “these are very similar figures to 2019” and highlighted that “the path of tourist reactivation initiated this year 2022 is thus confirmed“. In addition, he has stressed that “one can already begin to compare the results with other years prior to the pandemic, given that in the last two years, a large part of the hotel plant has remained closed“.

Colomer recalled that these good results are motivated by the recovery of the international market in the Comunidad Valenciana, which is already showing its dynamism and registering nearly 675,000 foreign tourists in the first two months of the year alone. In addition, the impact of the Bono Viatgem voucher scheme has seen that just for these days of Easter, about 4,500 reservations will add 50,000 additional overnight stays of local tourism.

Coastal Occupancy

The same survey showed that among the coastal destinations of the region, Benidorm stands out with an occupancy forecast of 90% for this Easter whilst the city of Valencia forecasts an average occupancy of 87.25%.

As a whole, for the coast of the province of Valencia, without counting the city, the estimated occupancy stands at 70.12%, whilst the coast of Castellón forecasts 75.17%.

The hotels on the coast of Alicante, not including Benidorm, already register an occupancy of 74.96% of confirmed reservations. With all this, the average occupancy of the hotels on the coast of the Comunidad Valenciana stands at 81.88%.

Inland hotels exceed 75% occupancy

The occupancy forecast in the hotels in the interior of the Comunidad Valenciana amounts to 75.12%, according to the results of the survey carried out by the regional tourism ministry.

By provinces, the interior of the province of Castellón stands out, with occupancy expectations of 92.47%. It is followed by the interior of Alicante, which already has 66.19% reserved for these days, and in the interior of the province of Valencia where its hotel reservations reach 63.31% to date.