CCTV cameras will be installed in phases to improve response to crime or emergency.

Safety and security in Xàbia will soon be improved by the implementation of a municipal video surveillance project and funding of 275,000 EUR was approved during the last extraordinary plenary session for the installation of security cameras across the municipality.

Earlier this month, councillor Juan Ortolá (Citizen Security) attended the inaugural ceremony of the EU-funded PacteSUR II initiative, a project which aims to improve the management and protection of public spaces which are vulnerable to many types of threats, a major issue for European cities.

On his return, the councillor initiated the process to create the CCTV surveillance network across Xàbia, in particular in the urbanisations which have long been considered potential hotspots for criminal activity, and at the last extraordinary plenary session of the local council, a credit modification of 275,000 EUR was approved for the installation of cameras across the town.

This installation will be implemented in phases and will provide both the Policía Local de Xàbia and the Guardia Civil with a greater ability to identify and respond to any type of criminal activity or emergency situation.