FOGUERES 2024 | Official Presentation of Quintà 2024 “A Cabassaes”

In less than a month, Xàbia will be immersed in the biggest party of the year – the Fogueres de Sant Joan.

The countdown to the 2024 edition Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia has begun. Arguably the biggest party of the year, this year’s festivities will be extra special as we celebrate the 75th anniversary since they began in 1950. Last Friday, the members of Quintà 2024 “A Cabassaes”, who will be the main protagonists during the celebrations, held their formal gala dinner at Salones Carrasco, attended by mayor Rosa Cardona and the councillor responsible for Fiestas, Mavi Pérez (CPJ).

This special event organised by the Fogueres Commission called for the young men and women who make up Quintà 2024 to attend dressed in their finest, the lads in suits cut to perfection, the girls wearing elegant dresses worthy of the Met Gala.

In the presence of Quintà 2024 presidents Julio Roselló and Jaime Valverde, the young adults were presented in pairs to family and friends, flowing with confidence along the catwalk to receive a commemorative gift and meet with Fogueres Queen 2024 Ángelo Tachó and her ladies-in-waiting Nahir Sánchez and Nerea Vidal.

The presidents spoke on behalf of Quintà 2024, thanking both their families and the Fogueres Commission for their support as they prepare for their big moment and expressing their happiness since this special gala presentation is an event that the young people of Xàbia dream about “all their lives” since it marks the start of the real countdown to these special fiestas “which will be unforgettable for all of us”.

The formalities of the evening were brought to a conclusion with speeches by the mayor and the councillor for Fiestas before everyone present joined together for a rousing rendition of the Fogueres hymn which will be ever-present during next month’s celebrations.

PHOTO: Fogueres Xàbia Facebook


The Fogueres de Sant Joan is our favourite fiesta of the year so hopes to be able to make things a little clearer so that more people can enjoy this special occasion.