FOGUERES 2022 | Rain holds off for first evening of flower offering to Sant Joan

For the first time ever, the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia will host two evenings of flower offerings to Sant Joan.

Wednesday 22nd June 2022 – Mike Smith
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The threat of an intense summer downpour held off long enough for the first evening of flower offering to Sant Joan. This unprecedented edition of the Fogueres de Sant Joan, featuring three quintàs, had forced the organisers to programme two evenings of flowers for the first time ever with the first procession featuring future quintos and quintas in their prams, those who would have celebrated their special anniversaries in 2021, Quintà 2021 “La Desastrà”, those who would have celebrated their special anniversaries in 2020 and, finally, Quintà 2020 “Tot per L’Aire”.

The procession featured:

Quintà 2016 “Sense Trellat ni Forrellat”
Quintà 2010 “Contra la Crisi, Festa i Vici”
Quintà 2006 “La Trifulcà”
Quintà 2001 “Xe, Quina Passà”
Quintà 1996 “Quintà Que Ni Pintà”
Quintà 2021 “La Desastrà”
Quintà 2015 “A Grapats”
Quintà 2010 “No M’Aguante ni de Peu
Quintà 2005 “L’Aldarullà”
Quintà 2000 “L’Última Fornà”
Quinta 1995 “La Cavalleria”
Quintà 2020 “Tot per l’Aire”

As the final flowers were laid at the feet of the image of Sant Joan in front of the church in the heart of the historic centre, drops of rain started to fall from the darkened sky but the heavy downpour stayed off long enough for everyone to take shelters in nearby bars and in their homes.

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