Compromís per Xàbia calls preferential treatment of the premises of Punta del Arenal “not very transparent”

Spokesman Juan Cardona insists that “it is not acceptable that they remain open when they don’t have the legal requirements that many other premises have”.

Thursday 10th February 2022
Translated from an original article published on Xàbia AL DÍA

Compromís per Xàbia has announced that it will be requesting explanations from the local socialist government about the treatment of seven premises in Punta del Arenal which have been alleged to have been operating without a license by the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency and which has subsequently demanded the closure of these establishments.

The left-wing Valencianist party considers that “little transparent” management has been carried out and that Xàbia Council has chosen to “pass the buck to the [regional government]” by not exercising its functions. In the same way, they point out that this attitude shows “neglect of functions when acting with these licenses” and warn that “these premises cannot be treated differently than the rest of the hospitality industry.”

The Compromís spokesman, Juan Cardona, adds: “It is not acceptable that they remain open when they do not have the legal requirements that many other premises have” and that these establishments have not been closed “despite reports indicating their closure”.

The Compromís statement pointed out that they had been consulted about the termination order and they had been told that it was being processed, but that six months have passed and the only information they have received has been through the press.

Editor’s Note: Next week,, along with representatives from Xàbia AL DÍA and other media sources, have arranged to speak with the owner of one of the premises in the Punta del Arenal complex to seek their side of the story in this very confusing state of affairs.

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