Club Náutico Jávea will invest 2.5 million euros after confirmation of 10 year concession extension

The project will take six months to execute and should be completed by Easter 2022.

An image of the assembly of members of the Club Náutico Jávea, in the background the president Arturo Miquel showing an infographic of the actions that will be carried out.

Monday 26th July 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

Club Náutico Jávea has been granted a ten year extension to its concession, a decision that has allowed the club to announce investments in its infrastructure valued at some 2.5 million euros.

A club statement explained that the extension, which was announced a year ago by, Arcadi España, the regional secretary for Territorial Policy, on a visit to the port of Xàbia, was officially confirmed in June, but it was not until July 12th when the final agreement signed by the general director of Ports arrived.

The extension will mean that Club Náutico Jávea will be spending some 2.5 million euros on improvements to their facilities as agreed with the regional government, work that is scheduled to start in mid-September.

The investment was one of the issues that was discussed at the club’s member’s meeting held this past Saturday, in which club president Arturo Miguel stressed that Jávea is the first extension signed by the regional government with sailing clubs in the region as well as explaining the details of the improvements that the club faces and will be paid for from the club’s own funds.

Specifically, the current Sailing School will be demolished and replaced by a new building with elements integrated into the environment in the area of the docking ramp whilst Pier 5 of the club, which was most affected by Storm Gloria, will be completed replaced. The rest of the pontoons will be replaced and access doors will be included.

There will also be a series of minor investments in the current building of Club Náutico Jávea, including the installation of energy efficiency systems and a system of solar panels will be implemented that will help reduce the overall energy bill of the club’s facilities. Likewise, as part of improving sustainability, there will be a system for collecting plastics by decantation inside the port area.

Another investment will be to renovate the pavement that surrounds the port complex, widening it to 5 metres, which will provide a promenade along the water’s edge, a request that was made by Xàbia Council.

The project has a planned execution period of six months, which means that all work could be concluded by Easter 2022.

In his statement, the club president thanks the regional secretary, Arcadi España, who visited the club a year ago, and the general director of Ports, Maria Luisa Martínez, for their involvement and support. He also underlined the work carried out by the Associations of Sailing Clubs in the Comunidad Valenciana that is being carried out to achieve the renewal of these concessions and that soon “we hope” that they can be carried out in other nautical clubs.