Citizens will be able to advise about holidays to adapt vaccination dates

The purpose is for citizens to report on the weeks that they will not be in the Valencian region in order to plan their vaccination

Thursday 17th June 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The regional health ministry is working on plans to implement a procedure that will allow citizens of the Comunidad Valenciana to change their vaccination dates to accommodate holiday plans during the summer.

Regional health secretary Ana Barceló announced that the objective is for the procedure to be up and running from July 15th so that citizens will be able to inform the health authorities which weeks they will not be in the Comunidad Valenciana so that their vaccination can be planned outside of those dates.

However, she added that this doesn’t mean that everyone can decide when they want to be vaccinated but rather that the citizen will be able to declare which days or weeks they will be outside the region and request that they are not called up to receive their jabs during those periods.

In addition, she explained that this will be carried out whilst respecting the age group that is being vaccinated at all times, following the vaccination strategy.