The Council have decreed that only 8 people per team can attend each match, despite the FFCV stating that 75% of capacity would be allowed.

With the start of the 2020-21 season due on October 18th, the management, staff, coaches and players at CD Jávea have expressed their dissatisfaction at the Council’s decision to restrict attendance on matchday and keep the club bar closed in an official communique released on several social media platforms.

The Council has decreed that training will continue to be held behind closed doors and only those players scheduled to be training can attend the football ground. This order will be of particular inconvenience to those parents who have kids in the junior teams at the club who will not be able to be in attendance as usual during the training sessions.

When the season begins, fans will be disappointed after the Council declared that just EIGHT components per team will be able to enter the stadium, despite the regional football federation FFCV confirming that clubs may admit up to 75% of the grounds official capacity. And a recent home pre-season game was attended by 100 fans.

And those that are lucky enough to make the cut to cheer on the team will find the club bar closed, despite bars and restaurants across the town being allowed to own. The club bar is an important facility for funding the running of the club and its closure, despite being open-air and suitable ideal for encouraging social distancing, will seriously affect the club’s coffers.

In addition, the Council has declared that the changing rooms and similar facilities will remain closed since it can’t guarantee the staff to carry out the necessary disinfection tasks required during the ongoing health crisis.

The club’s official communique concluded with a promise that “we want to show all our partners, fans and parents, that we continue to fight so that we can all continue to enjoy this sport in complete safety”.