FOGUERES 75 | Commission organises Fashion Show and Hairstyle Workshop

The fashion Show will take on Thursday 2nd May whilst the hair workshop will be on Sunday 5th May.

This year 2024 sees Xàbia celebrating 75 years of the Fogueres de Sant Joan, arguably the biggest party of the year in the municipality which takes place every June. As part of the celebrations marking this special anniversary, the Fogueres Commission, the Special Commision 75 Years and the Department of Fiestas in Xàbia have organised a fashion show and hairstyle workshop for this coming few days.

The Traditional Costume Fashion Show will take place on Thursday 2nd May at 10.30pm in the marquee installed on Plaza de la Constitución and will feature a showcase of some of the best traditional costumes worn by the Fogueres Queens from the very beginnings of the festivities to the present day. There will also be examples of costumes worn by women, men, and young boys and girls.

The Traditional Valencian Hairstyle Workshop will be taking place on the morning of Sunday 5th May at 11.00am in the Sala Polivalente at the Portal del Clot Municipal Complex. The workshop will consist of a chat and practical session given by people linked to the Fogueres Commission who will teach attendees the tricks and tips to make the perfect hairstyle whilst also showing how to combine it with jewellery. Places are limited and interested parties should pre-register for free at the Casa de Cultura in Plaça del Baix.

The festivities of the Fogueres de Sant Joan are programmed to take place between Thursday 13 June and Monday 24th June with a traditional proclamations of the Fogueres Queen and Junior Queen scheduled to take place over the weekend of Friday 5th June and Saturday 6th June with a special presentation for the Fogueres 75 anniversary taking place on Sunday 7th June.

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