Carlos Mazón: “The Provincial Council will commission the Dénia-Gandía tram project”

The president of the provincial council said that his administration will move forward with drafting the project even if it doesn’t have the competence to execute it.

Friday 13th May 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original article – Carlos López (Xàbia AL DÍA)

During his appearance at the COMPARTIR MARINA ALTA forum, the president of the Alicante Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, announced that his administration will promote a tram link which would connect Dénia with Gandía, a long-standing demand of citizens of the region since it would provide an alternative transport link to the city of Valencia.

“The Dénia-Gandia railway connection can no longer wait. The Government of Spain has been promising for too long that it is going to do a project but doesn’t deliver […] the tram can be the exclusive competence of the Generalitat Valenciana, we don’t have to wait for those who do not deliver, which is the government of Spain. The works and projects are more than viable and we can order them from the Alicante Provincial Council”.

Mazón added: “I am going to contact the president of the Valencia Provincial Council to see he wants to collaborate and make it a joint project and if not, we will commission the project anyway and make it available to the Generalitat Valenciana. I assume a personal commitment to make it a reality as soon as possible”.

The president of the Provincial Council has also claimed that there are sufficient public and private mechanisms to turn this commitment into a viable project. “We are talking about an extraordinarily profitable area with very high possibilities“.

Finally, Carlos Mazón stated categorically that: “The Provincial Council will commission the Dénia-Gandía tram project to be able to move forward, even if we do not have the competence to execute it,” a claim that will certainly have repercussions.

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