AMJASA opens a new photovoltaic installation

The facility is the largest facility of its kind and can generate over 97,000 kilowatts annually.

Thursday 2nd December 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The municipal water company AMJASA has announced that it has launched a new photovoltaic station to supply itself with energy. Installed in the car park outside the company’s offices, it is the fifth and largest facility of its kind with 120 solar panels of 540 watts in maximum power which can generate about 64.8 kilowatts (97,200 kilowatts per year).

The company explained that this station can generate enough energy to supply the Adsubia-Cabanes pumping station, which is the one that supplies water to some 7,000 homes in the urbanizations in the south of the municipality (Cap de la Nau; Ambolo; Portitxol; La Guàrdia; Granadella; Tosalet; Cansalades; Pinomar-Pinosol). The offices and vehicle chargers are also fed from this facility (most of the company’s fleet is electric).

The mayor and president of AMJASA, José Chulvi, highlighted the public company’s commitment to energy efficiency which it has championed in recent years, policies that are beginning to bear fruit and that have allowed a reduction of almost a third in the electricity bill for water supply. (In 2011 the company’s bill was 900,000 euros; by 2020 it has reduced to 320,000 euros). The mayor described this as “a milestone in times of great energy uncertainty and rising electricity costs. “

Chulvi visited this new station together with councillor Toni Miragall (Water) and the CEO of AMJASA, Paco Torres, who has already announced a plan to expand this solar park using the roof of the offices and the warehouse, which will allow 30 more kilowatts to be produced.

AMJASA pointed out the great importance of energy in the water sector and therefore they are always aware of the factors that may have an impact and the advice that comes from the hand of science.

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