AMJASA fits out Calvari pumping station with solar panels

It is the second infrastructure of the water network that will be supplied 100% with renewable energies.

Wednesday 31st March 2021 | PRESS RELEASE; translation MIKE SMITH

The municipal water company AMJASA has invested some 16,000 euros to install a set of photovoltaic panels which can generate up to 20 kilowatts a day on the Calvario pumping station, part of the companies ongoing commitment to the environment and energy efficiency.

After the station at la Falzia, the infrastructure will be the second fully solar and self-sufficient in Xàbia after it has been updated to be compatible with the new energy source, as explained by major José Chulvi, who also serves as president of AMJASA and has influenced the adoption of sustainable policies for the company.

In addition, with the modernization of the pumping system, the company will be able to dispense with the Calvario intermediate reservoir, which is the oldest in the municipal network, dtaing back to the 1950s, and used to collect drinking water and redistribute it to the higher areas. Now, water will be pumped directly from the main network in the urban area to Nova Xàbia and La Plana.

It is the intention of AMJASA to convert the old reservoir into an information centre and open space so that schoolchildren and other interested groups can learn about how the population’s drinking water supply network works and how it has evolved over the years. The space next to the road is already being prepared, as seen by the mayor and CEO Paco Torres.

AMJASA, a 100% municipal company, already has its entire fleet made up of electric vehicles and a recharging station outside its offices that, continuing with actions aimed at energy efficiency, will also soon be supplied with photovoltaic panels.

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Press Release – Ajuntament de Xàbia