A year since Xàbia revealed “price controversy” with auditorium’s construction company

The mayor’s office admits that “when there is something new, we will announce it”.

Image of the interior of the future auditorium of Xàbia. With the moat and the dressing rooms, in the foreground the stairs that will give access to that space

Wednesday 30th June 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

June 29th marks one year since, in response to question from opposition councillors at a plenary session, mayor José Chulvi acknowledged that there was a “price controversy” with the construction company in charge of building the new municipal auditorium.

It’s been a year during which versions have changed and a modification of the project has been agreed, costing more than 400,000 euros, which needs to fit into the Contract law. It has been made apparent that the drafting of this modification, consisting of more than 1,000 pages, is causing great headaches for municipal officials and, with no-one willing to sign it off, this could explain – in part – the delay in its approval and debate in a plenary session before it can be authorized.

XAD made an official approach to the mayor’s office a few days ago about the current situation with the auditorium but was told that “when there is something new, we will announce it”.

In this month’s plenary session, the C’s spokesperson, Enrique Escrivà, demanded that, once the draft is ready and due to go before the next session, the local government convenes a special consultation board so that opposition parties can review it and consult the municipal technical staff on any doubts that they may have.

In response, the mayor, who was interviewed MarinaPlaza last Monday, claimed that “we are already exhausted with the auditorium … but the cultural associations deserve that it is finished. And Quico Moragues [feels the same] too. If it were up to him, he’d go laying bricks right now. We would all go”.

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