A new beach has been created in front of Paseo Marina Española

The new bathing area has been created from stones and pebbles that accumulated across the mouth of the Gorgos during last month’s storms.

A strip of stones covers the rocks on the seafront of the Paseo de Marina Española

Friday 6th May 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original article – Xàbia AL DÍA

The Department of Beaches has completed work of the regeneration of the beach of La Grava in the port zone of Xàbia, using stones and pebbles that accumulated at the mouth of the river Gorgos after the storms that struck the region during the middle of last month. These works, in addition to restoring the popular existing beach ahead of the tourist, have created a new bathing area along the front of the Paseo Marina Española.

During the past few weeks, workers have laid a strip of stones and pebbles between the sea and the boulder stones that protect the promenade (for most of the time) during heavy seas, an action that increases the space available for bathing and relaxing next to the Mediterranean, although the Thursday’s storm did re-locate some of these stones which will need to be replaced.

In addition, municipal workers have turned their attention to the riverbed of the Gorgos, in the area that runs along the Vía Augusta, where they have begun the process of removing accumulated materials – stones, earth, reeds, etc. – that have piled up after the river flooded last month.

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