650 athletes will take part in this Sunday’s edition of the Granadella Trail

The test continues to take steps to be a benchmark for its respect for the environment and launches reusable tapes to mark the route and avoid the use of plastic.

Tuesday 31st January 2023
Mike Smith

A total of 650 participants will be taking part in one of the most iconic races of the year this Sunday 5th February, the renowned Granadella Trail, primarily a 25 kilometre race organised by the Club de Atletismo Llebeig de Xàbia, which will also host the Campeonato Autonómico de Trail Largo de la Comunidad Valenciana.

Club representative Edu Vallés explained that the absolute race has been extended to 25 kilometres whilst, in addition to the 14 kilometre sprint mode, there will be specific races for the under-20 categories as well as a 4.5 kilometre sprint promotion version. Vallés also announced that further steps have been taken to respect the environment through which the race passes which include the use of reusable marker tapes which will last several years rather than the usual plastic ones.

The councillor responsible for Sports, Alberto Tur, joined with mayor José Chulvi to highlight the efforts made by the athletics club to organise one of the most iconic races in the region, renowned for the special uniqueness of the Parque Forestal de la Granadella as well as for becoming a benchmark in sustainability – participation is limited to 650 participants – as well as its efforts to diversify to make the Granadella Trail a true family event.

They added that the professional organisation and the many volunteers that support it has made it an attractive event that sells out almost immediately every year as soon as the registration period opens. The mayor also called on the populations to come to the Pinosol area – the start and finish area of the race – and enjoy the great sporting atmosphere.

The Granadella Trail has become a weekend event, beginning on Saturday with the children’s mini-trail – the participation of local boys and girls from Xàbia being encourage by offering schools free registration for their students – and closing on Sunday morning with the racing for the adults.

As in recent years, plastic is avoided as much as possible and, in addition to the commemorative T-shirt, a special inscribed cup will be handed out to participants to drink at the water stations, all of which are local products whilst the trophy itself is a wooden stump of pine tree. There is a charitable aspect to the event as the organisation will be making a donation to the Cruz Roja and Protección Civil Xàbia raised as part of the registration fee.

Club representative Madeline Powell added that the race will be recorded by regional public television and will be broadcast in its entirety on Sunday 12th February, providing an opportunity for runners to enjoy the event again and to allow fans to get to know it more closely.