Xàbia lights the wick of the Fogueres this weekend with the presentations of the Queens

The official start of the fiestas, known as the Pregón, will be on Monday 13th at 9.30pm in the church square.

Friday 10th June 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: press release – Ajuntament de Xàbia

The Plaza de la Constitución is already dressed for the occasion as the long-awaited return of the festivities of the Fogueres de Sant Joan, arguably the biggest party of the year in Xàbia, finally arrives after months of hard work by the organising committee and the three quintàs that will make up the central core of the fiesta this year.

On Thursday evening, the three quintàs and infantil court endured a extra warm evening to rehearse their special moment in front of the town whilst the final preparations were made to the enormous stage that has been erected down one side of the main square. By 11.00pm, all that had been planned was finally played out in informal conditions and, with one or two slight modifications, all is set for this weekend’s special presentations.

Tonight, Friday 10th June, will be the turn of the 2020 representatives to take the stage, young people who have waited so patiently for their time to come. Marta Ortuño will be crowned ‘Reina Fogueres 2020’ whilst the little Ariadna Serrat will be proclaimed as the highest representative of the children’s court. At 9.30pm, the music will strike up, the familiar pasadobles of fiesta, to accompany the children’s court, the junior commission and the Quintà 2020 “Tot Per L’Aire” from the church square in the heart of the historic centre to the main stage in Plaza de la Constitución where, at 10.00pm, the Proclamation 2020 will begin, the village bidding farewell to Inés Doménech ‘Reina Fogueres 2019’ and then enjoying music and dancing into the early hours.

Tomorrow, Saturday 11th June, the Quintà 2021 “Le Desastrà” will be centre stage, travelling in procession from the church square to the Plaza de la Constitución for the crowning of Nara Rodriguez ‘Reina Fogueres 2021’ and her ladies-in-waiting before more music and dancing into the night.

On Sunday 12th June, the Quintà 2022 “La Retornà” will be enjoying their special moment, processing through the village at 9.30pm like the their counterparts for 2020 and 2021 before the crowning ceremony of Olivia Clemente ‘Reina Fogueres 2022’ at 10.00pm. Once again, there will be music and dancing into the early hours.

During the weekend, the bull arena will be set up on the car-park next to the bus station in Avenida Palmela, complete with its famous ‘Baret dels Bous’ whilst the school chess tournament, celebrating its 25th edition, will be played out on the Plaza de la Constitución. On Sunday, a professional Valencian pilota game of ‘Escalà i Corda’ will be played at the Trinquet de Xàbia and then Monday arrives.

Monday 13th June will be when the party really gets going, the official start of the fiestas at 9.30pm in the church square in front of the town hall building when the four queens will announce “Let’s get the party started!”

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