The cleaning day will take place on Saturday 16th March at 10.00am.

Photo: Cofradía Jesús Nazareno Jávea

The Department of the Environment in Xàbia has got together with Cruz Roja Xàbia and TETMA, the company responsible for rubbish collection and street cleaning, to organise a group cleaning of the Gorgos riverbed, in collaboration with Rotary Club Jávea and the volunteer cleaning group “Jávea Te Quiero ¡Limpia!”.

The day will take place on Saturday 16th March at 10.00am and the cleaning will focus on three zones along the riverbed: at the ford where Camí Tapies crosses; between the Aldi bridge and IES La Mar; and from IES La Mar towards the sea.

Xàbia Council has decided to to join the Libera movement – “Unidos contra la basuraleza” – promoted by the NGOs SEOBirdLife and Ecoembes which is encouraging the public to get out in to the mountains and along the coast to try and reduce to amount of rubbish in nature to zero.

The council has pledged to promote more cleaning days throughout the year as it believes that it is necessary to increase awareness and respect amongst all its residents to protect the environment and “leave a landscape for future generations that is at least like the one that our grandparents left us”.

To participate, interested parties should either ring 616 159 323 or send an email to lourdes.ortunyo@ajxabia.org.