Xàbia is the fifth most expensive place to buy a property in Spain

The idealista property portal has produced its rankings for the most expensive places to buy or rent a property in Spain during the second quarter of 2022.

Thursday 4th August 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: idealista.com

The latest idealista ranking of the 100 most expensive municipalities to buy or rent a property has placed Xàbia as the fifth most expensive place in Spain to make a house purchase, based on average price. The list also confirms that the highest average prices of property are concentrated on tourist areas along the Mediterranean coast and on the Balearic Islands.

Data for the past quarter has confirmed that average houses prices have increase by 3.3% when compared to the same quarter in 2021, whilst rents have risen by an average of 4.8%.

The Malaga town of Benahavís, with some of the most exclusive developments in Spain such as La Zagaleta, once again leads the ranking with the most expensive average price which exceeding 1.8 million euros. It is accompanied accompanied in this select club of millionaires by nearby Marbella (1.1 million euros) and the Mallorcan town of Calvià (1.4 million euros).

The rest of the top 10 of the most expensive average house prices are based along the enture Mediterranean coast, from Sotogrande (Càdiz) around to Casteldefells (Barcelona), passing through Jávea and Altea, both in the Alicante province. Over on the Balearic Islands, Eivissa and Llucmajor (Mallorca) complete the top ten.

Ranking idealista 2T 2022 Average Purchase Price

  1. Benahavís (Málaga) – 1,826,613 euros
  2. Calvìa (Baleares) – 1,433,987
  3. Marbella (Málaga) – 1,169,929
  4. Sotogrande (Càdiz) – 865,603
  5. Jávea (Alicante) – 721,003
  6. Sitges (Barcelona) – 681,546
  7. Eivissa (Baleares) – 681,100
  8. Castelldefels (Barcelona) – 638,900
  9. Altea (Alicante) – 605,193
  10. Llucmajor (Baleares) – 570,675

Other notable entries include Calp at 16th (459,353 euros), Alfaz del Pí at 18th (405,245 euros) and Dénia at 23rd (342,158 euros).

When it comes to renting, the list is once again topped by Benihavís, Marbella and Calvìa whilst Jávea sits in 15th spot with an average rent of 1,212 euros a month.

Ranking idealista 2T 2022 Average Monthly Rental

  1. Benahavís (Málaga) – 4,014 euros
  2. Marbella (Málaga) – 3,135
  3. Calvía (Baleares) – 2,881
  4. Eivissa (Baleares) – 2,815
  5. Sotogrande (Càdiz) – 2,522
  6. Castelldefels (Barcelona) – 2,182
  7. Estepona (Málaga) – 2,086
  8. Llucmajor (Baleares) – 1,990
  9. Sitges (Barcelona) – 1,849
  10. Míjas (Málaga) – 1,596

Elsewhere in the Alicante province, Altea is 11th (1,596 euros), Alfaz del Pi is 19th (1,177 euros), El Campello is 22nd (1,097 euros) and Calp is 23rd (1,051 euros).