Xàbia installs first video surveillance system to improve public safety

The project that will be developed in phases and will cover the entire municipality.

Xàbia Council has begun the installation of a video surveillance system in different areas of the municipality, a project that aims to improve public safety and provide the local police force with the means to do so.

The first phase has been installed in Carrer del Calvari in the historic centre, three high resolution fixed focus cameras that will cover the entire road and even allow the recognition of vehicle licence plates. Signs have been placed to inform the public that the cameras are in position. All necessary documentation has been sent to the relevant authorities to ensure that proper authorisation is received since the cameras have been installed on the public highway.

The installation of a video surveillance system by the local council and local police force meets the demands of residents, businesses and trade associations since it will be an important tool to assist with police surveillance work and the detection of criminal acts and their subsequent investigation.

The councillor responsible for Public Safety, Juan Ortolá (CPJ), explained that the entire project is much broader and will cover new areas and neighbourhoods in Xàbia whilst following the lines of what is being worked on in European programmes in which the municipality has participated in for some years. He stressed that it is the local council’s intention for the system to be implemented by the end of the year.

Mayor Rosa Cardona added that it is one of the commitments of her local government team to improve public safety in Xàbia and that it is focused on two lines, that is increasing the number of police officers and incorporating new technology and material resources which will be available to the local police so they can deal with all the situations that arise.