The action responds to the requirements set out by the regional government in Decree 91/2023.

The Department of Services and TETMA, the company responsible for the waste collection service in Xàbia, have installed fireproof rubbish bins in strategic locations, including the Punt Verd rubbish collection zones close to forestry areas.

The local council has been forced to make these implementations in response to the Generalitat Valenciana’s Decree 91/2023 of June 22 which approves the regulations of the Ley Forestal de la Comunitat Valenciana (Ley 3/1999 of December 9 ). In Annex X of the decree, the regulation requires that rubbish bins have a lid and be constructed of fireproof materials.

Consequently, two rubbish collection zones in Camí Cansalades-Tossalets (at the junction with Carrer del Riu Palencía) and on La Plana (junction Camí del Cap de Sant Antoni – Camí de la Cova Talla) have been installed with the required fireproof containers, removing the open bins which were used for household and garden refuse whilst the rest of the bins (bottles, paper and cardboard, organic, other rubbish and used oil) will remain since they are made of metal.

Residents of La Plana will also benefit from a mobile ecopark (Ecoparque Móvil del Consorci Mare) every Wednesday afternoon between 2.30pm and 6.30pm which will also have an open container for garden refuse. It will be located in the parking area next to the Santuario de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles in Carretera del Cap de Sant Antoni.

Residents served by the collection zone on the Camí Cansalades-Tossalets will be also able to dispose of their garden waste and other household rubbish at the Punt Verd de Pinosol located opposite Parque Pinosol or at the Punt Verd de Adsubies in Camí de les Adsubies close to the offices of AMJASA.