Xàbia hosts presentation of CHJ Special Drought Plan

Mayor Rosa Cardona said that Xàbia would supply water to neighbouring towns but that they should help bear the costs of the desalination.

Tuesday 27th June 2023
Mike Smith

Xàbia hosted the presentation of a Special Drought Plan, organised by the Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar (CHJ) and attended by Miguel Polo (CHJ), mayor Rosa Cardona, councillor José Marcos Pons and the manager of the municipal water company AMJASA, José Luis Henarejos, together with other political leaders of the Marina Alta region.

The plan, which is currently in the public consultation phase, addresses the various specific issues planned for the Marina Alta, which includes the basins of the Girona and Gorgos rivers and the coastal sub-basins between the northern limit of the municipality of Oliva and the left bank of the Algar river. It covers 14 surface water bodies with a total length of 145 kilometres and 9 groundwater bodies.

Speaking at the presentation held at the desalination plant complex, mayor Rosa Cardona explained that Xàbia wanted to be supportive and supply water to neighbouring town but demanded that municipal administration help bear the cost of desalinating the seawater. She issued a reminder that the cost of building the desalination plant was borne by Xàbia alone and insisted that, as is the case for everyone, the costs of producing water, including electricity, has increased, a burden that is currently being covered by AMJASA.

In addition to the drought plan, both the mayor and councillor Pons took advantage of the presence of EPSAR manager, Juan Ángel Conca, and the company’s technicians to inquire about the progress of repair work on the Arenal beach outfall, which are advancing as planned but a change in sea conditions could disrupt progress.