Xàbia CCTV captures first illegal dumping offender

The alleged perpetrator will be fined and charged for the extra cost of removing the illegal dump.

Thursday 29th December 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Ajuntament de Xàbia

The town hall in Xàbia has had active security cameras in some of the ‘zona verde’ rubbish collection zones in the municipality for some time in a bid to deter illegal dumping that damages the public image of the town and results in extra spending waste management.

Thanks to this surveillance system, the first offender has already been identified, a company that dumped a pile of wooden pallets outside the Umbria ‘zone verde’ in Cansalades, and the councillor responsible for Services, Kika Mata, has confirmed that the town hall will be opening disciplinary proceedings against the alleged offender. In addition to a fine, the company will be charged a subsidiary payment for the extra costs of cleaning up the illegal dump.

What are Punt Verdes?

The Punts Verds are municipal facilities for the selective collection of urban domestic waste which are located in strategic areas in the municipality, mainly serving the outlying urbanisations in the south and on the slopes of the Montgó. They are well connected and integrated into the environment, with a parking area to facilitate the deposit of household rubbish which must be deposited separately, in the corresponding bins, so that it can be recycled.

The ‘punt verde’ rubbish collection points are open for the exclusive use of individuals resident in Xàbia for household waste only. Companies and professionals who produce garden waste have to use the official waste collection point in Catarroges or, in the case of debris, contact and authorised management company for its removal.

The household waste that can be deposited in these areas include organic rubbish, light packaging, paper and cardboard, glass containers, vegetable oil, clothes and shoes, and garden waste.

To dispose of furniture and other belongings, there is a free collection service which can be contacted on 900-102-149 or they can be taken to the Ecoparc in Camí de les Sorts.

The town hall has produced a map of all the locations of the ‘punt verdes’ here.