The fair takes place every Sunday between 10.00am and 2.00pm on the Paseo Maritimo.

What do artisans do in the winter months, when there are very few fairs organized? They take advantage to spend time in their workshops, making new designs and preparing stock for spring and summer. And on Sunday mornings they go to the Paseo Marítimo in the Jávea Port to enjoy the sea, the views, the atmosphere and, with a little luck, sell their work.

If you think that all the fairs held on seaside promenades are the same, you have not been to the one in the Jávea port. The craft association AMATA has carefully selected the participants – and you can see the difference! Everything on offer is handmade by the same artisans who serve you. They use natural or recycled materials, hand tools or a simple machine and, of course, they can make things to order, maybe in a different colour, with a name or a special size.

Every Sunday from 11.00am till 2.00pm between 10 and 15 artisans are there (the location is indicated on Google Maps: put “Feria de Artesanía Jávea” in the search engine), each one offering something different so that there is maximum variety when you are looking for something original, for example as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Any change in the opening times (for example due to bad weather) will be published on Facebook whilst can find more information at the AMATA website here where you can also see photos of the stalls expected each Sunday.