The traditional Corpus Christi dances return this Sunday evening

More than 200 schoolchildren and 30 musicians will perform ten traditional Corpus dances.

Tuesday 6th June 2023
Mike Smith

This Sunday evening, the Grup de Danses Portitxol, with the assistance of shoolchildren from several primary schools in the town, will perform one of the most iconic Valencian traditions, the ‘Danses del Corpus’.

The dancing will start in the church square in the heart of the historic centre at 7.00pm. More than 200 schoolchildren from CEIP Graüll, CEIP Trenc d’Alba, CEIP Mediterrània and Colegio María Inmaculada will join 30 musicians and dancers to perform ten traditional dances: Dansa dels Nanos, Dansa de les Poloneses, Turcs i Turques, Les Panderetes, Paloteig, Balls de Bastons, Dansa de les Pastoretes de Xàbia, La Magrana and La Moma.