Services start series of informative sessions to explain new system of use of rubbish zones in Xàbia

The first informative session is scheduled for Tuesday 16th March in Parque Pinosol.

Friday 10th March 2023
Mike Smith

The Department of Services and TETMA, the waste management contractors, are to meet with neighborhood groups to explain the new operating model of the Puntos Verdes – the rubbish collection zones.

Councillor Kika Mata (Services) said that the first informative session will take place on Thursday 16th March at 10.00am for residents in the Pinosol zone at the Parque Pinosol and will discuss the current situation of the Puntos Verdes and the expected changes.

Over the next few months, the local council will be installing video surveillance and fencing off the rubbish collection zones where the selective collection of domestic urban waste takes place. These measures are being installed to stop the uncivil use and spills outside of the containers as well as the illegal dumping of belonging, furniture, materials and garden refuse at an industrial level.

Several Puntos Verdes are already closed off but, for the moment, they are still equally accessible to everyone since the access doors can be opened without a key or card, just by pressing a button.

The councillor explained that any card use system would not be activated without previous coordination with residents so that, at the moment, they can continue to use the puntos verdes that is most comfortable for them. And always in a civic manner.

The rubbish that can be deposited at the Puntos Verdes include organic waste, light packaging, paper and cardboard, glass, vegetable oil, clothing and footwear and household garden waste. Anything else must be taken to the EcoParque in Camí de les Sorts or the garden waste collection zone in Catarroges, both of which are free for individuals.

The councillor also added that the large-capacity containers that currently collect green waste will remain provisionally so residents will not be without the service until the definitive ones – small and more accessible – arrive.