Rotary Club offers beer tasting to raise funds for Xàbia students in need

The event will take place in the Riurau d’Arnauda on Saturday 19th November at 12 noon.

Tuesday 15th November 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Club Rotary de Jávea

The Rotary Club de Jávea has organised a charity beer tasting event to support students of schools in Xàbia who are experiencing difficulties. The school, which should be a space to compensate for inequalities, is one of the first places where situations of need and the vulnerability of boys and girls can be detected.

The event will take place at 12 noon in the Riurau d’Arnauda amongst the trees of the Parque Montaner above the Plaza de la Constitución. The Rotary Club asks for a donation of 10 euros for the benefit of students in need in schools across Xàbia.

The current post-pandemic situation, together with countless situations that are taking place all over the planet (war conflicts, emergencies, etc.) presents us with a complicated panorama for many families who currently live and coexist in the town.

Xàbia has always been characterized as a welcoming and supportive town, and so are the people and associations that belong to this wonderful town. The Rotary Club de Jávea, as a global solidarity movement, promotes activities that encourage humanitarian service in our community, and that is why they hope to have your participation and collaboration in this event with the aim of raising funds for all those children, students of the Xàbia schools, who are currently in any unfavorable socioeconomic situation.