In addition, the council has awarded the contract to complete the Camí Castellans project to Pavasal.

Xàbia Council has published the terms and conditions of the contract to pave part of the ground of the historic Riurau d’Arnauda building on the Contracting Platform, a public tender that has an initial price of 187,863 euros with the objective of improving this municipal area as a cultural and social space for the future.

The project involves the laying down of a paved surface inside the building and the construction of a permanent outdoor stage within its enclosure as well as the installation of access ramps and the creation of channels for the evacuation of rainwater from the plot. In addition, the project also calls for the installation of a network for the installation of electrical wiring for lights and public address systems, etc. for use during cultural events.

The contract award committee has also awarded the contract to complete the Camí Castellans sewage network project to PAVASAL for a price of 151,250 euros and a completion period of two months. The town hall had allocated more than 211,000 euros to complete the much-delayed project, which had been affected by heavy rains, strikes, the pandemic, and missing infrastructure, work that will involve the installation of the last section of sewage network that will serve the houses in the Castellans area and the resurfacing of over 1170 metres of the road.