Residents of Las Olas call again for improved road safety

The resident want assurances that promises made by former councillor for Town Planning will be honoured.

The section of the Pla road between La Caixa and Consum in its urbanized part.

Monday 7th March 2022 – Mike Smith
Translated from an original article by Carlos López Xàbia AL DÍA

The residents of Residencial Las Olas, located next to the stretch of Carretera del Cap de la Nau-Pla between the La caixa roundabout and the Consum roundabout, have spoken to Xàbia AL DÍA about their disappointment that the Department of Town Planning in Xàbia has not fulfilled a commitment made by the former head of the department, Isabel Bolufer, before she resigned from office, to improve road safety.

The 600m stretch of road lacks any safety measures but often sees vehicles travelling a high speed along it, providing potential danger to pedestrians who are forced to travel nervously along its narrow boundaries and is particularly concerning during holiday periods such as Easter and the summer high season, when entire families are often edging their way along the road which has no dedicated pavement. At night, people often use the torches on their smartphones not only to light the way but also to act as a safety measure to alert drivers of their presence.

The residents explained that former councillor Isabel Bolufer had met with them back in August and promised to install a variety of safety measures, such as speed bumps, new clearer roads signs to remind drivers of the speed limit (40km/h) as well as a number of lampposts that would be powered by solar energy. They also claimed that the councillor had also promised to install a line of plastic bollards along the section between the La Caixa roundabout and the entrance to the two urbanizations at Bar Las Olas.

One of the residents said that “none of this has been fulfilled and, what is worse, is that the councillor has resigned and now we don’t know anything about her promises”, adding that what has surprised them most has been the installation of the radar warning signal. However, they hope that the new head of Town Planning will honour the promises made by their predecessor and implement these safety measures.

A year ago, when asked by the PP, councillor Bolufer announced that such work would be carried out along this section, although later she said that she had been confused and that the work planned by the council would be carried out in the section between the roundabout of Promociones Jávea and that of La Caixa.

Xàbia AL DÍA has tried to speak to the head of the Department of Time Planning but, at the time of writing, has been unable to do so.

However, they hope that the new head of Urban Planning and Urban Scene will take up the commitment that her predecessor had in office and implement these security measures in this section of the Pla highway.

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